How to choose a wedding dress

The Wedding Dress

he first thing that comes to mind when choosing a wedding dress is probably along the lines of retail heaven. Shopping for a wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting things you can ever do. It’s like the dressing up you once did as a small child, but way more fun.

Whether you choose vintage or designer, the variety out there is phenomenal, and the prices can be too. So what’s your budget, that can sound a bit in your face, but the bottom line is that you can only spend what you can afford so, the average cost according to various wedding moguls statistics is £1,000. Now that doesn’t mean that’s a price to start from, that means some of the designer and couture wedding dresses can cost anything from £1,000 upwards to, well, whatever you want to spend.

Most of us have constraints on our budgets and prices can start from less than £100, and you can find some excellent designer dresses which may be last season’s designs but within your price range and still look stunning. An alternative option is a pre-loved wedding dress, now you might sniff at that but there are shops and charities which sell a wide selection  of beautiful wedding dresses at a fraction of their original cost, so the only decision is, what do I want to spend? 

Schedule your wedding dress appointment for the start of the day.

wedding dress boutique
Try and organise an early appointment when you are able to take your time and the staff will be fresh and enthusiastic to help you. This might not apply if you live in a small town but generally you want your appointment early as at the end of the day staff may be waiting to close the shop and not be so accommodating.

If the shop looks very busy this may be distracting for you as crowded stores can create tension and rapid decision making which is something you definitely do not want to do. Informing the assistant of your budget may seem inappropriate however this can save the heartache of falling in love with the most expensive dress in the store and settling for less.

Try and book on a weekday as Saturday is going to be naturally busier and chances are you could end up with just a “Saturday person” who doesn’t have as much experience as a full time member of the shop. This may mean you need to take a day off of work but it will be a day well spent. You could make it a total “me” day and pamper yourself as a special treat, why not go to a Spa with your mum or maid of honour to chat about all the dresses you tried on.


Fashion and Wedding Dress Trends

trendy wedding dress

Wedding dresses are very personal and styles go in and out of fashion. Therefore, when choosing your dress nothing is wrong it is your special day and you need to feel however you want, and if that is a princess then go for it. Ask as many questions as you feel is necessary while trying on your wedding dresses.
Thumbing through wedding magazines and the internet can give you some wonderful ideas, bookmark all the ones which really catch your eye and save to a folder. You will be surprised at the wide range of dresses you choose initially but after a while you will start narrowing it all down. You want it to be a day to remember, so wearing the most stunning dress or outrageous outfit that you are ever likely to wear is all that matters.

Take photos of your dress at the wedding dress shop

wedding photography

Taking photos is a good way of recalling dresses that you initially may have forgotten in all the excitement your maid of honour or mum can take a few angles of each dress so you can sit down later with cuppa and review all of them honestly. This is not a decision which should be taken on the spur of the moment. Phots taken at different angles can give the bride a different view than from the mirror.

You may stand and look in front of a mirror and think this is it, but is it? Make sure you don’t try on a dress and think if I lose a few pounds I’m going to look stunning in this or maybe if I exercise enough my bingo wings will be gone on the day. You need to be able to look in the mirror and feel a millions dollars right there and then, if not, look again.

Ask lots of questions

You should not only ask the staff questions, but also ask yourself a few questions too. “Do I feel beautiful in this?” “Am I comfortable, confident, can I sit down, can I dance, will I feel fabulous on my wedding day?”

If there is anything that is not quite right about the dress then seriously consider passing on it. Remember, this is your day and you want to feel fantastic.

Think about the whole dress

wedding dress top

Most wedding photographs tend to be taken from the waist up so the top of your dress is what will be noticed the most. Take some time to think about the overall design from top to bottom.

Remember people will see the back of the dress as you walk down the aisle so having a stunning train will make a visual impact. If you intend to wear a veil, a long one will cover the back of the dress therefore you may give the stunning train a miss.

Make sure you try on as many wedding dresses as you need to

How many times have you gone in to a shop and seen a dress or outfit that looks amazing on the hanger or model only to find that once you try it on it has somehow altered and you don’t look like you imagined?  so make sure you try on as many as you want to, the special one will be out there waiting for you. If you become tired or you have simply tried on too many and can’t think straight, stop. You can always make another appointment, and probably have a clearer idea as to what you want to retry.

Don’t be pressurised

Bridal Party

This is probably the most important recommendation. Sometimes peer pressure can influence you unduly. If you take lots of bridesmaids, friends mum et al
along with you to try on dresses be aware that the store may not be able to accommodate them all. An overcrowded store can lead to tension and irritation as, too many opinions can be disconcerting, a dress you may love may be dismissed by others with distain.

The only opinion that truly matters is yours don’t be persuaded to get a dress that you are not entirely happy with, you don’t want to look back at the photos in ten years’ time and think I still don’t like the way it hangs. This is your wedding day and this is certainly the day to wear whatever makes you feel gorgeous, glamorous, fantastic, everything you’ve always wanted. All eyes will be on you and your wonderful partner, so enjoy it, every minute of it.

And finally…..

Wedding insurance, this might seem like an unnecessary addition to your already stretched budget but it may well be the best money you spend. You just don’t know what may befall your wedding day or dress, so it is a good idea to just find out how much  this will be.






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