How to Celebrate Father’s Day and make it a special event

Ideas to make Father’s Day a special Event

DayFather’s Day has been celebrated for over 100 years and not just here in the UK. Many countries celebrate Father’s Day but at different times of the year apart from North America who like us, celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June.

So how do you go about celebrating Father’s Day and make it a special event?

This can be a difficult one. Buying him another tie or socks might be traditional, but have you checked recently just how many more he needs (might be good to ask you Mum rather than go through his wardrobe yourself – you could be scarred for life)?

fathers day2


Most Fathers (contrary to what comedians tell us) do help a lot. Think how many times he has given you a lift because you have missed the bus or picked you up from school (for those lucky enough to work from home) or been there when you needed him? So take a bit of time to think about what you might like to do for him.


Free Father’s Day gifts.

breakfastinbedYou don’t necessarily have to spend money to treat your Dad. Breakfast in bed or cooking a cake or Sunday lunch might be all you need to do to show your appreciation. Small gestures like these will show him that you care.






Family events.

If you have Sisters or Brothers, then you could make it a big family event. Invite other Dads in the family such as Uncles, Grandfathers and Brothers and put on a large family lunch or afternoon get together.

Thinking back to what your Dad likes doing let’s list some other activities.


  1. Playing Golf

miniature golfDoes your Dad like playing golf? Well he might not be up to taking you on the fairway at his club but why not head go to the driving range and get him to teach you or play miniature golf if you have never played before.




  1. Bowling


Bowling is a great family game especially if it is raining. You can always opt for bumper bowling if you have smaller brothers or sisters.





  1. Fishing



Fishing can make for a really relaxing day. Rods can be bought cheaply and sitting by the river with a picnic can make a special event.



  1. Visit a Historic site



If your family are members of the National Trust even better, but have you thought about visiting a castle or stately home or a tank or aircraft museum. Probably Mum won’t be too keen on the last too but a trip to a castle can be great fun and educational at the same time.


  1. A Cycle Ride




Riding a bike is becoming more and more popular and there are some great routes you can choose. So if you all have a bike then you could pack up a picnic and set off out on an adventure.


  1. Go to the Cinema



Go to the movies with all the family to see Dad’s latest favourite action movie. This could be a great day out especially if it is raining. You could go out before or after the movie and have pizza or a burger.



  1. Paintball



Let’s all admit it, a lot of us would really like to go to a paintball event. Mum probably won’t admit it, but I bet she would love to have the chance to shoot Dad. You could do this event as a family day out, it doesn’t just have to be for boys.


  1. Go-Karting

go kartt


Do you have a Go Karting track near you? If your family are competitive, which I know mine are, then this might be the event for you



  1. Top Gear Petrol Head events



These events tend to be expensive so probably paying for a few hours for you Dad to drive the latest Super Cars is not going to be a family event but more of something Dad will do on his own. It is a great experience though and Dad will probably get to drive the latest Aston Martin or Ferrari.


  1. Aircraft Simulator



This is in the same league as the petrol head events. Dad can get to fly a Boeing 737 or Airbus if he is in to planes, but yet again this probably won’t be with the family. A lot of local airports do a flight in a Cessna too which might be another alternative.


Gift ideas



When it comes to gifts then it is up to you whether you want to make something or buy something. You might like to make a card or help with making a cake. Many cakes that I have seen lovingly made by small ones for their Dads, tend to have that unusual grey look about them, probably because they have been on the floor. But at least it shows that Dads are loved.


You might like to make something a little more adventurous like a goody basket filled with Dad’s favourite naughty things that aren’t good for his waistline. A basket full of Daim chocolate bars would go down well in our house.

Personalised Gifts

You might want to consider getting Dad a personalised gift so that this special day can be remembered for years to come. At Special Family Occasions we offer high quality personalised gifts for those special days.

Personalised Mug

Why not give him a personalised mug. This cute bone china ‘I Heart My’ mug is the perfect personalised gift for birthdays, mothers and father’s day.


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The mug also comes packaged with 5 delicious toffees

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Personalised Golf Ball

golf ballTell Dad that he is the best Golfer, that will make his day. This fun keepsake golf ball is the perfect gift to give to any golf fan for Father’s Day, Birthdays or Christmas.

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Personalised Hammer

hammerIs Dad a D.I.Y man? This is a must have for the him!

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Cut Crystal Decanter

decanterIf Dad loves his Single Malt Whisky then this is a great present. This exquisite 24% lead crystal decanter is a perfect special memento for any occasion.

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