Best Tents 2017 – The Ultimate Tent Buyer’s Guide

Best Tents 2017 – The Ultimate Tent Buyer’s Guide

Spring has arrived and it will soon be time to get your tents out of the loft or garage. But what if you need a new tent or are just starting out?

I was late to camping. It took quite a few years before my family persuaded me to venture out in to the “wild” (well the New Forest anyway) and sleep under canvas in a tent outside. Glad I did though, because I really enjoyed it and spent many a long weekend walking around the forests and visiting local areas.

We had many a night barbecuing and you can check out our 10 best BBqs by clicking here.

As a result we owned a number of tents from pop ups for my children to go to Reading with, to full 8 sleeper tents for all of the family to join in. Below I have listed the 10 best tents for 2017.

Best Tents Buyer’s Guide 2017

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Tent Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Tent, Three Person
Mountain Warehouse Festival Plain Dome Waterproof Compact Tent Mountain Warehouse Festival Plain Dome Camping Hiking Waterproof Compact 2 Persons Man Tent Outdoor
Frostfire Large 2 Person Instant Popup Tent Frostfire Large 2 Person Instant Popup Tent
Bike Cave Tidy Tent – All Green Bike Cave Tidy Tent - All Green
LESHP Automatic Pop Up Tent Backpacking Tents for Camping Hiking Traveling 3 Man Tent, LESHP Automatic Pop Up Tent Backpacking Tents for Camping Hiking Traveling
Adtrek Double Skin Dome 4 Man Berth Camping Festival Family Tent Adtrek Double Skin Dome 4 Man Berth Camping Festival Family Tent
Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent
Skandika Milano 6 Man Tent – Blue Skandika Milano 6 Man Tent - Blue
Femor Outdoor Pop Up Tent Private Beach Shower Changing Room Femor Outdoor Pop Up Tent Portable Camping Private Beach Shower Changing Room
GEERTOP Waterproof Dome Backpacking Tent  GEERTOP 4-season 2 man Waterproof Dome Backpacking Tent For Camping, Hiking, Travel, Climbing - Easy Set Up


1. Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Tent, Three Person

The Coleman Coastline 3 plus three-person tent is sturdy, stable and is relatively easy to pitch. You can sleep 3 people easily in this tent and you get lots of storage space which is great if you are staying for more than one night. And there is plenty of living room.

In brief:

  • Spacious sleeping area that can accommodate large packs and boots
  • Polyester 185T flysheet
  • Coastline Plus has a PE rising groundsheet which provides weather protection
  • Storage area groundsheet is a thick polyethylene to resist heavy use

You get a rising ground sheet that will protect you from our classic weather which is a must as I have spent quite a few nights in tents that don’t have this and watched the water come in on stormy nights. The ground sheet is also easy to clean and with plenty of ventilation as quite often you can get condensation building up in tents.Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Tent, Three Person1

Talking of ventilation, one of the key focus of this design is optimum airflow. The riser ground sheet allows the cool air to enter at the base of the tent pushing the warm air up and out through the ventilation panels.

The tent comes with a sleeping area of 4.2 square meters, storage area is about 3.7 square meters and you will need to have 26 square meters to pitch this tent on with a 140-cm headroom.

The bedroom features strong, resistant polyethylene which is breathable, lightweight and bug resistant. I really don’t like it when you are camping and you have loads of those little black bugs in with you.

If you have ever camped out in a gale you will probably know what it is like to have to go out in the middle of the night and start to tighten down the guy ropes. Well, the Coleman comes with two doors so you won’t have to re-pitch if the wind changes direction.

For pitching, the Coleman comes with colour coded poles and pole sleeves which will minimize any errors. When we first started camping we were the main entertainment as we couldn’t work out the correct structure but you don’t get this with the Coleman.

Talking of pitching, this tent allows “up in one” pitching with the inner bedroom being pre-attached so that when you come to pack it away you won’t have to detach it. The poles are also short enough to be easily packed away in a rucksack. It is relatively easy to erect the tent single handed, thanks to plain English instructions. It has been described as a bit like a “onesie” with a weatherproof cape attached. Once erected the inner skin is kept dry by circulation between the skins.

One of the things I like among many, is that you get a power cord vent so you can run power in to the tent if you are camping in a “hook up” area and if you like to cook under cover then there is not a lot of headroom so you will probably have to cook in a sitting position.


  • Spacious
  • Storage area groundsheet is a thick polyethylene to resist heavy use
  • The sleeping area is very good
  • Good tent for car camping
  • Strong


  •  I can’t really see much that I don’t like about this tent apart from having a separate ground sheet
  • No fly sheets
  • Not the best tent is you are 6ft tall
  • You have to put up the inner layer first and then climb inside and hook the inner layer, which makes up the bedroom. This can make pitching a little tricky


2. Mountain Warehouse Festival Plain Dome Camping Hiking Waterproof Compact 2 Persons Man Tent Outdoor

If you are a festival goer like my children, then this tent is perfect. It is lightweight and quick and easy to set up and sleeps two people. However, you probably won’t get a double blow up bed in it and will probably have to use 2 single mats if you want some space in the tent.

In brief:

  • Festival Dome Tent
  • Waterproof – 1500mm Hydrostatic Head Rating
  • Taped Seams
  • Polyester Fly Sheet
  • Sleeps 2 People

The Mountain Warehouse Festival tent is waterproof thanks to the taped seams which ensures that water doesn’t leak through the stitching poles, so no wMountain Warehouse Festival Plain Dome Camping Hiking Waterproof Compact 2 Persons Man Tent Outdoor aking up in a puddle of water in the morning.

It also comes with guy lines and if you get caught in a downpour then there is a tough polyester flysheet; we all know that it never rains at festivals 😀

 If you are worried about fire instead of water, then this little tent is fire retardant and has been treated with a fire-retardant chemical. It is not fire-proof and is held together with fiberglass poles making it a well-designed simple tent to carry around the campsites or festivals this summer.

 The tent is easy to pitch and has an open porch storage area. The dimensions are 270 cm in length, 130 cm wide and 100 cm high and weighs 2.15Kg.


  • Lightweight
  • Very portable
  • Waterproof


  • Sleeps 2 but not on a double bed – will need single mats to sleep on
  • Ventilation could be better

3. Frostfire Large 2 Person Instant Popup Tent

The Frostfire tent is perfect for weekend camping, beach events, children play dens and perfect for festivals.

In brief:

  • Instant pop up tent. Setup in seconds
  • Waterproof, lightweight and rugged
  • Suitable for two adults. Great for children’s play dens and the beach
  • Size: 245cm x 145cm x 90cm – Carry bag included

This is a large 245cm by 145cm tent for two people, comes in a bag that measures approximately 80cms and pops up in seconds. Once “popped” you can then just secure it with pegs and settle down for the night.

Because of its round design, when you come to pack it up you might be able to fold it flat and attach it to your backpack but it is obviously designed to fit in the supplied bag. Frostfire Large 2 Person Instant Popup Tent

This is a high quality single skinned lightweight tent and has a rugged design. Even though this is a pop up tent it is still comfortable to sleep in. Although it says it’s a two-person tent, you might struggle with a double blow up mattress. Two single mattresses is probably more appropriate.

 If you are wondering how waterproof this tent is then it probably won’t survive a monsoon but will be OK for showers.

Those of you who frequent festivals with continuous rain might experience some drips in places.


  • Lightweight
  • Very portable



  • Sleeps 2 but not on a double bed – will need single mats to sleep on
  • Won’t survive a monsoon downpour
  • Ventilation could be better


4. Bike Cave Tidy Tent – All Green

As its name suggests, this is a lightweight and weatherproof tent for your bike. It stands 54.8 cms high, is 19cms wide and 10.8cms deep and will hold easily hold two adult bikes.

In brief:

  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof and hard wearing
  • Holds two adult sized bikes
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Suitable as a permanent or temporary fixture. Arched Shape which allows the rain and snow to simply slide off

If you are short on space then the Bike Cave is the key to storing your bike. You won’t have to rummage around your garage or shed and have to struggle to get your bike out.Bike Cave Tidy Tent - All Green

When you order the Bike Cave you will receive the cave, a carrying bag, instructions on how to construct it, ground pegs and a wall fixing kit.

If you like taking your bikes on camping trips then this may be the answer to where you can keep them over night. It’s obviously not going to be the most secure option but it does have an opening at the back so that you can anchor it maybe to your caravan or tent or a tree and then you could lock your bikes to the anchor. You could also consider getting a small padlock for the zip.

The tent will have to be secured if it is empty but if you have two heavy bikes in it then this should be sufficient to keep it to the ground. If you are not going camping or don’t have any bikes then I have seen some owners admitting to storing their lawn mowers in them as this small tent keeps the contents dry.


  • Can be used to store garden equipment such as lawn mowers
  • Waterproof


  • Lack of simple diagram instructions
  • Zipper is prone to braking

5. 3 Man Tent, LESHP Automatic Pop Up Tent Backpacking Tents for Camping Hiking Traveling

This tent comes with an inner and outer tent which makes it great for camping in the rain. Let’s be honest, if you camp in the UK you are not going to go your whole camping career without a down pour.

In brief:

  • Accommodates 3 adults.
  • Rainfly can be used as a wayside pavilion
  • Waterproof 210D Oxford for layers,210D Oxford for Floor
  • Glass Fiber Pole Frame
  • Super quick and easy to set up and take down
  • Storage bag for easy carry and transport

What I really like about this tent is that you can take the inner tent out and using the fiber glass pole frame, you can erect pavilion style separate tent that will allow 4 adults space to sleep. Obviously, when I say tent I mean more of a pavilion. You would obviously only use this if the weather was good.3 Man Tent, LESHP Automatic Pop Up Tent Backpacking Tents for Camping Hiking Traveling

This tent is very strong and can resist high winds and is resistant to ultraviolet light. It comes with eight tent pegs, four wind ropes and a carrying bag.

The manufacturers claim that this tent is super quick to set up and take down. The three-man tent comes with double windows and double vestibules which helps with better ventilation. Condensation in tents can be a problem when you have several people sleeping in them.

The inner tent is breathable Nylon and the outer tent is 190T polyester with waterproof PU PU 2000mm/UPF30+.

The size of the tent is 78.8 × 78.8 × 53.1in, and weighs 7.9lb.


  • Super Quick set up and take down
  • Very Strong


  • None that I can see

6. Adtrek Double Skin Dome 4 Man Berth Camping Festival Family Tent

The Adtrek tent is suitable for all types of campers and camping events.

In brief:

  • Adtrek 4 person tent suitable for camping trips, festivals, fishing etc
  • Overall size – L: 360cm (142″) x W: 240cm (94″)
  • Inner tent size – L: 240cm (94″) x W: 240cm (94″).
  • Pack size – L: 68cm (27″) x W: 18cm (7″) x H: 14cm (5″)
  • Double skinned, dome style, waterproof, air vent at the front and back for good circulation
  • Handy front porch area ideal for storage space – Porch length: 120cm (47″). Porch opening: 105cm (41″)
  • Double door inner tent, very easy pitch

This tent is double skinned and so ultimately water resistant. It has air vents on the front and at the back, is practical, comfortable and durable.Adtrek Double Skin Dome 4 Man Berth Camping Festival Family Tent

The Adtrek sleeps four people making it great for family getaways or for festival goers. It is very easy to set up and pitch with the manufacturers claiming this will only take minutes. If you are like me then you will probably take a little longer but that is half the fun. How often have you watched families argue about how the tent goes together? This is the family bonding process.

The inner tent has a clip-on pole system and only requires three poles for the entire tent. There is a porch at the front which gives extra storage although the porch doesn’t come with a ground sheet. We have ended up using an extra pod in other tents for storage so any design like this is great.

The tent come with its own carry bag but be prepared to spend some time packing it away. A large rucksack might be a better option. The tent is made from 190T polyester PU2000MM with an overall size of 142 inches long, 94 inches wide and 51 inches high. The inner tent size 94 inches long, 94 inches wide and has a porch length of 47 long by 41 inches wide.


  •  Double Skinned
  • Easy to set up and pitch
  • Only 3 poles required for the inner tent
  • Good ventilation


  • No ground sheet for the porch

7. Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent

The Coleman Cortes ten is quite unusual in as much that it is an octagon. The manufacturers claim this to be a glamping tent where six sides open up completely allowing for lots of ventilation and light.

In brief:

  • 360 degrees view of surroundings
  • 2000 mm hydrostatic head
  • Breathable polyester inner
  • Polyester PU coated flysheet
  • PE integrated groundsheet

This tent is made of high quality materials, is comfortable and comes with a room divider. The divider is a sheet of tent fabric that can be attached with toggles to hang. It has a zip that runs down the middle but is not attached to the floor. It simply hangs down. This means that the tent can provide maximum living space and one large Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tentbedroom.

As mentioned this octagon tent has six openings with the two remaining sides which feature a doorway that swings open and makes it easy to enter or leave the tent.

The Coleman is fairly easy to pitch and comes with colour coded poles. The 2000hh rating is adequate for the summer although you might want to get yourself some specialist water proofer if you are worried. These sprays are brilliant. I have used them on leaky tents and they certainly stop the water coming in. If this is something that worries you, then use this link to get yourself a can of Nikwax. It maintains the water repellency of tents and outdoor gear and protects tents and gear against UV degradation – Click here

The tent size is 85cms by 30cms by 30cms.


  •  Sleeps eight people
  • Room divider for maximum space


  • Some may find it a little drafty with all of the openings

8. Skandika Milano 6 Man Tent – Blue

The Milano is a large, strong tent and can easily sleep six people. I have heard that this tent is known for standing its ground in a gale.

In brief:

  • Huge: More than enough place for 6 people
  • Over 6.5 ft headroom
  • 185T Polyester
  • 5,000 mm water column
  • Insect free
  • Sewn in groundsheet
  • Large living room

I like the look of this tent as it offers comfortable camping. It is quick and easy to pitch and is strong against high winds. I have stayed at camping sites in gale force winds and you really need a tent built to survive such weather. The Skandika is one of those tents.Skandika Milano 6 Man Tent - Blue

Surprisingly the Milano is 200 cms high at its peak which will be good news for those of you who are tall. Camping traditionally involves a lot of stooping although I don’t have the problem of being a particularly tall person, but for those of you who are tall then this will be great news for you. Because the tent is so large, there is a lot of storage space. We always take everything including the kitchen sink with us so storage is always welcomed in our family

There is a central divider with this tent which can be rolled down to create two separate sleeping areas. The Milano comes with a breathable inner tent and there is mesh on the sleeping pods and at the main entrances to stop those little midges or mosquitoes coming in to annoy you.

The tent comes with a sewn-in groundsheet which will keep out any drafts or local wildlife. It is always so depressing when you wake up in the morSkandika Milano 6 Man Tent - Bluening and you have water in your tent because the ground sheet is separate.  Well with the Milano that won’t be something that you will experience.

Talking of rain and water, the Milano 6 comes with a 5K mm water column rating. This rating sets the quality and strength of waterproofing for a tent. Most tents will offer around 3K mm or lower but the Milano has the highest rating.

Surprisingly the Milano six is quite easy to pitch which for its size you would think otherwise and it comes in its own bag with full instructions and all the accessories you need (guy ropes, tent pegs etc.). Fortunately the metal poles that are quite heavy come in a separate bag. Oh and there is even a repair kit should you need it.


  •  Very strong in high winds
  • Sewn in groundsheet
  • 5K mm water column rating


  • Might be a bit too big to get in a small car but can’t really find much to fault it

9. Femor Outdoor Pop Up Tent Portable Camping Private Beach Shower Changing Room

If you are looking for privacy for somewhere to change or have a shower then the Femor Outdoor Pop Up tent is for you. You can also use this little tent as a one man/female band tent if you want something that is really quick to pitch and you are staying for just the night.

In brief:

  • Designed for tent Toilet, Shower, Changing, Privacy Camping for all weather condition.
  • Strong & durable but at the same time lightweight.
  • Equipped with 4 metal pegs can make tent more firmly in windy weather.
  • Providing a large private area, open dimension:120 x 120 x 190cm, unfolded dimension: 60 x 60x 8cm.
  • Setup takes only ten seconds.
  • Easily pops open without the use of poles.

I have to say, I never ever thought that one of these types of tents would come in useful, but recently on a holiday to Turkey, my wife suggested that we took one so thatFemor Outdoor Pop Up Tent Portable Camping Private Beach Shower Changing Room we could use it on the beach.

In fact it came in very useful as we used it to store food and drink and used it to change after a swim. Obviously on a beach we didn’t use it for a toilet.

In fact, as a tent toilet on a camping site, I can see that this would be very useful.

Many a time at three o’clock in the morning I have found myself walking across the camping site with a torch trying to find the loo and I suppose if you bought one of those portable camping festival toilets then this pop up tent would be ideal.

The tent comes with 4 tent pegs and an easy to pack carry bag. The Femor weighs 2.2Kg and is 120cms long, 120cms wide and 190cms high.


  • Very quick to pitch
  • Lightweight
  • Great for outdoor toilet, shower area or changing room


  • Not ideal for staying more than one night

10. GEERTOP 4-season 2 man Waterproof Dome Backpacking Tent For Camping, Hiking, Travel, Climbing – Easy Set Up

The Geertop is excellent for every season. So if you are off to the Spanish mountains and it is likely to snow then this tent even comes with a snow skirt.

In brief:

  • Excellent tent for EVERY SEASON.
  • Mesh areas on the inner tent increase airflow for warmer camping trips.
  • QUICK and EASY to set up
  • One person can easily set up the 2 man tent with flysheet in less than 10 minutes.
  • The high quality materials used make the camping tent fully rain proof, yet still extremely light weight. Double stitched seams are perfectly sealed for complete waterproofing. And the strong aluminum poles add plenty of stability with little weight gain. UV PROTECTION!
  • Lightweight & portable weighing just 5.7 lbs (2.59kg). The entire package measure 6.3x18x6.3 inches (16x46x16cm). Floor: (23+55+23)*83inches / (60+140+60)*210cm. Height: 45.28inches (115cm).
  • Perfect for hiking climbing in spring / summer / autumn / winter, and will keep you warm and dry even in the strongest wind, the hardest rain, or the coldest snow thanks to strong high quality materials in the tent and flysheet, as well as stability from the aluminum poles.

This tent is ideal for two people and can be set up in less than ten minutes. The materials used are of high quality and with the double stitching makes this tent waterproof. The Geertop comes with two strong aluminum poles which help in making this tent very stable and lightweight.10. GEERTOP 4-season 2 man Waterproof Dome Backpacking Tent For Camping, Hiking, Travel, Climbing - Easy Set Up

The inner tent material is made from 2210T breathable polyester and high density fine nylon mesh and the floor material is made from Oxford fabric.

The triangle aluminum tent pegs are strong enough to hold down the two-man tent and the windproof ropes are reflective which means that you won’t be tripping over them on your three o’clock walk to the loo.

Even more important you won’t have unwanted guests tripping over your tent either.

There is a double sided zipper system which allows you to open the tent on either side which I think is a must in the dark or if you are coming back to the tent having been out for the day.

Storage is good on this tent as well. I am all for storage and this tent comes with built in light hooks and storage pockets for your phone, torch and other small items.

The dimensions of this tent are fifty five inches by eighty three inches and the floor area covers thirty two square feet with the height being just over 45 inches, so if you are tall you will not be able to stand up in this tent.

There are two entrances to this tent which allows for good ventilation, good access and the two pop-up ventilation windows that are on the flysheet allow for air to flow through the tent in the rain.

The packed size for the Geertop is 16 inches by 10 inches by four inches and it weighs approximately 5.7 lbs.


  •  Freestanding design
    Two entrances for easy access and good ventilation
  • Built in light hook and storage pockets for lights, phones or other small items.
  • Nice and light


  • Stitching is not necessarily the strongest
  • Minor rips can occur around the zip

That is my top ten rated tents for 2017. When you are camping this summer, you might also want to get your self a great barbecue as well. We have listed what we feel are the top ten BBQs for 2017. Click on the BBQ image below to see which one would suit you and the family or click here.

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