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The thing about gin is that it is a personal thing, there are so many different combinations of botanicals that deciding what you like can be an achievement itself.

It derives predominantly from the flavour of juniper berries, but the blending of floral and herb flavours, coriander being most notable and the distilling of this wonderful spirit has recently become somewhat a fine art.        

Ok, so we all have our favourites and Gordons and Bombay Sapphire are probably amongst the most popular, with Plymouth Gin following closely behind.

If you sit down and try loads of different gins all at one time you can get to the point where you can’t remember which one or two it was you really liked, which is a shame as you have to do it all again. According to a recent poll in both the ShortList and the Independent who had teams who volunteered unsurprisingly, to suffer in their quest to find their top ten Gins.

In the name of research, you understand, we thought it only right that we should join in and list our favourite top five.

Our Top Five Recommended Best Gins

Tanqueraynumber10Tanqueray No. Ten – This gin is known as the bartender’s favourite, so I have heard as it is the only one worth making a martini with, well who am I to disagree. Truly a master amongst gins.

Tanqueray No. Ten can be picked up for about £31. If you are not concerned that you are drinking number ten then I have bought Tanqueray at the supermarkets for as low as £20 when they are doing special offers.


HendricksginHendricks – They say no other gin tastes like Hendricks because it isn’t made like Hendricks’s and it is so true. This is such a smooth gin it’s subtle flavours of 11 different botanicals makes it a firm favourite.

You can pick up a bottle of Hendricks Gin for approximately £27



PinkPepperGinPink Pepper Gin – This is one which probably doesn’t crop up as often as it should but it takes its name from the pink pepper pod, it is a gorgeous gin to drink on its own with a cube of ice as well as with tonic. It apparently improves with age however it doesn’t seem to last that long in our house.

Best price I have seen for Pink Pepper Gin is £40


BrightonGinBrighton gin – This has a subtler hit of juniper but the freshness of the citrus fruits expands the drink making it a real success when it comes to the cocktails.

Brighton Gin tends to go for around £22.



MonkeyGinMonkey 47 – This gin has the pure scent of juniper combined with a citrus burst, with a subtle floral but peppery aroma follows.

Current price of a bottle of Monkey 47 is around £35.50




Some gins are tasted neat and some with tonic, but then you get into the realms of which tonic goes well with each Gin it can be a bit of a nightmare. And as for adding combinations of cucumber, wedges of grapefruit or even a sprig of basil there is no doubt about it there is nothing boring about this drink. But the one thing we are sure of is that you will need your very own personalised glass to try them all in.

We have a fabulous selection of glasses and giftsets for all those Gin lovers and Gin cocktail lovers out there.

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